MAG welcomes Vorona Aviation pilots

Gentlemen, welcome back to Vorona Aviation – rebranded as Vorona.

Please may I introduce you to the Manston Air Group, headed up by the team on the STAFF page.

We have three ex-Vorona Aviation pilots already within our ranks and we hope that you may consider re-joining a VA that is still at its heart, yours.

We would be delighted to welcome you back on-board.


What happened to Vorona Aviation and why has it changed?

As former Vorona Aviation pilots ourselves, we were saddened to see that the Vorona Aviation website went down. When it became clear that it wasn’t going to come back we decided that a VA, with all the heritage that Vorona Aviation has, doesn’t deserve to just vanish. So, we took it upon ourselves to take on the project. It’s true that we have rebranded and “modernised” the airline to just – Vorona – but at it’s core we still want Vorona to exude the same values of the laid-back, friendly VA that caters for all backgrounds and experiences.

What is Manston Air?

Manston Air is our main VA based out of Manston (EGMH). Vorona marks the second subsidiary we have added to the group and all three airlines share the platform. Please rest-assured that while we are still very much passionate and committed to Manston Air, we are very excited to have Vorona as part of the group and we will do our utmost to keep working on the Vorona project.

What will happen to my old hours logged at Vorona Aviation if I re-join?

We have been able to use a tool called the WaybackMachine to look back at a 2013 version of the pilot roster with all pilots' logged hours. Usually we don’t accept other airlines’ flight hours. At present, we are making a special case only for Vorona Aviation pilots who wish to join Vorona – we will apply the hours that we can prove from the 2013 snapshot, available HERE.

Update (June 2022): A newer version of the old pilot roster has been made available since the original date of writing. It is available HERE. We will transfer whichever version has the highest number of hours.

What about the old Vorona routes – can I fly what I like?

You have the freedom to fly what you like, as long as it is in the capacity of one of the Manston Air Group airlines. If, for example you’re conducting a Vorona flight, we would prefer that you fly a liveried aircraft, however if you prefer to fly a white-tailed aircraft in it’s place, on a route of your choosing – within reason – you are free to do so. For more permanent solutions we do have a route-request system in place and usually, as long as it’s viable the route will be approved.

What’s the atmosphere here at MAG like?

When we set up Manston Air we were keen to make the atmosphere such that MAG would be a place of enjoyment – and not feel like a chore or work. We’ve found that many virtual airlines strive for absolute realism, and while this is great for some, we just want pilots to have the freedom to enjoy themselves and explore different kinds of flying – again, within reason. We also strongly believe that one of the biggest benefits of flight simulator is that you can simulate flights that wouldn’t necessarily happen in the real world – either because they’re commercially unviable or an airline has yet to try. As such, you’ll find that unlike many of the other big VAs, MAG – and Vorona – is still a relaxed atmosphere. We realise that real-world commitments come first and only ask you to fly once every six months to maintain your currency and standing within the Manston Air Group. We are open to all experience levels and backgrounds.

In short, what the old Vorona Aviation website said still remains true: The emphasis here at Vorona is on fun, we are not an ultra-serious VA, but we do have some very knowledgeable members who can help with the more serious side of simming.

How do I join?

Please visit the JOIN page and kindly state in the “background” box that you are a former Vorona Aviation pilot. Thereafter, we will be in touch and let you know about the next steps.