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"Tonga soa!" and welcome to Vorona.

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Vorona, formerly known as "Vorona Aviation" is a Madagascan airline operating out of Africa as part of the Manston Air Group. Vorona operates an elaborate fleet of both passenger and cargo aircraft to support a wide and varied route network throughout Africa and beyond. Vorona's heritage spans over 15 years, and we're excited to welcome old and new members alike. For more information about the Manston Air Group, click HERE.

At Vorona we believe in presenting our pilots with awards to mark and measure their progress. Our fully fledged awards system is designed to challenge our pilots and provide a sense of achievement. Collect awards to show off your skills; from completing our initial training programme to flying to some of the trickiest airports in the world – we’ve got it, you earn it.

Vorona currently operates from four African hubs, with aircraft based at:

  • Ivato, Madagascar (FMMI)
  • Nosy Be, Madagascar (FMNN)
  • Nairobi, Kenya (HKJK)
  • Accra, Ghana (DGAA)
  • A note to all former Vorona Aviation pilots:

    We welcome you back to your airline. Please see the following page for more information specific to you.

    Current Live Flights

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    Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
    There are no active bookings.

    Latest 10 Flight Reports

    Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
    STR1008 LFMN EGMC   MA002 A319 N/A
    VRN146D FALA FLSK   MA008 BAE146-200 N/A
    VRN733D VOGO LLBG   MA008 BOEING 737-301 N/A
    VRN733D WADD VOGO   MA008 BOEING 737-301 N/A
    STR1217 EGGD LDSP   MA005 G-ACLT - A320 CEO N/A
    MSE146D EINN EGMC   MA008 JF_BAE_146 2QTMSE -153fpm
    MSE146D BGSF EINN   MA008 JF_BAE_146 2QTMSE -119fpm
    MSE146D CYSU BGSF   MA008 JF_BAE_146 2QTAA -213fpm
    MSE8012 EGMH EGJJ   MA002 PMDG 737-700NGXU MANSTON AIR (G-SHPY | PAX CONFIG | 2021) -116fpm

    Top 5 Greased Landings This Week

    Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
    Nobody has performed an awesome landing yet!

    Latest Members

    Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
      oliver ristau Germany Germany Stansted (EGSS) 2021-10-12
      Joseph Squirrell United Kingdom United Kingdom Doncaster (EGCN) 2021-08-15
      brooklyn grantham United Kingdom United Kingdom Stansted (EGSS) 2021-08-15
      Myles Knight U.S.A U.S.A Manston (EGMH) 2021-03-31
      Drew Pinnock United Kingdom United Kingdom Manston (EGMH) 2021-01-24
      Matt Long United Kingdom United Kingdom Manston (EGMH) 2020-11-19
      Lucas Hanman United Kingdom United Kingdom Manston (EGMH) 2020-09-23


    Any pre-arranged group flights and social occasions will be posted here.

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